What I wish I knew at 19

My 20th year is coming to a close, the last month is almost up and I have never grown and changed more in a year (okay maybe when I was potty training) than this one.

If only I could go back and give myself all the advice in the world, if only I could go back to my little shit 15 year old stuff. Oh 19 year old Zoë, if only you knew.

Don’t freak out, if it’s meant to be it will be. Tyler will go to Plymouth, stop trying so hard.

Don’t declare a major you know nothing about!!

Call your father. Please just trust me.

Simply Sunflowers will become a safe haven. Trust Jaime and work hard.

Don’t allow the negativity of Mixed Emotions to get to you, trust yourself.

That goes for everything, just trust yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to have a good time. Drink a lot, smoke if you want. Stop looking down on yourself for being normal.

Laugh more. Stop being so fucking moody, it’s not cool.

Don’t let anyone walk over you. Your kindness is not an excuse for people to be rude or treat you unfairly.

Life isn’t perfect, it’s not a fairy tale and people will come into your life is turn it upside down. Those people will be worth it, but be prepared for consequences. Just be yourself. Stop trying so hard.

Just become an English major you idiot, you’re going to love it.

Stop eating gluten before it’s too late.

Go to the gym, work hard.

Spend less money on dresses and more on experiences.

Lastly, don’t go to anyone but Steve to get a tattoo. Ever.

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