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Salam. You used to have a Facebook page with a hidden identity of Abu Shalwar that I was following. (I know your surprised, confused, and think it’s kind of creepy that I know it was yours but it wasn’t that hard to figure out actually). Then you disappeared. I just randomly remembered that I used to follow this guy with pretty cool posts (you) and that I don’t see them anymore. I know, it took me long enough to realize it, seems like it’s been months since I last saw something on my newsfeed of yours! I searched the “secret you” on fb thinking maybe I unliked your page by mistake or maybe one of your posts pissed me off enough one day and I unfollowed you impulsively in the heat of the moment, (because sometimes I respectfully disagreed) but I would have remembered that happening. I google searched you and couldn’t find your fb or Twitter account but found this blog app ( if that’s what it is). Soooooo, now that I’ve found you, you must answer some questions that I’m dying to get answered. Why did you not continue that page? Was there a farewell post that I missed? Did someone reveal your identity? Was it ( your role as a “da’ee” ) getting too overwhelming? Are you you writing/posting actively somewhere else now? Are you ever going to come back as Abu Shalwar? If not, where do your previous followers find your writing/commentary?



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