Penis Enlargement Extender Natural System. No Secret!

The Penis Extender is to concentrate on the potential of developing the healthy male penis by using a combination of traditional herbal botanicals and natural mineral nutrients plus the best of modern sexual science.

Rather than invasive, dangerous surgery, we advocate natural methods that men can practice themselves and use to achieve their own goals for sexual health.

Penis Extender relies on the body’s own ability to respond and grow helping men overcome sexual concerns by reaching their sexual fulfillment through safe and natural means.

Materials and Methods

  • Number of patients: 18 patients ranging from 23–47 years
  • Inclusion: normal erectile capacity and no penile surgery
  • Exclusion: chronically diseased
  • Traction force: 0–2 weeks = 900–1000g; 2–24 weeks = 1000–1200g
  • Treatment period: 12 hours daily 7 days a week 8 to 24 weeks
  • Follow up: every 2 weeks

Penile Enlarger System?

For centuries, many native tribes across the world practice body modification through stretching. The use of pressure or tension to stretch skin and tissue has been well proven to work over centuries. The above method applies to the penis enlargement system.

Centuries of proof

Possibly the best known of all native cultures who practice body stretching are the ‘Hill People’ or Pa Dong Karen who live near the borders of modern day Burma and Thailand, also known as the ‘Giraffe Women.’

It is a tradition that some of the women in the tribe wear a large number of ornamental brass rings around their necks, starting when they are young (6 or 8 years old), and slowly, a ring at a time, lengthen the distance between their shoulders and heads. The process takes many years, but the results are astounding and very real, just as with the penile extender system.

The current record, according to one of the woman, is 28 brass rings, although most stop when they get to about 20. This example proves vividly that soft tissue isn’t the only part of the body that responds to traction, even bone tissue can be modified over time. (see picture on right)

Successful tissue expansion

In South America, the Suya tribesmen of the Amazon have practiced ritual lip and ear stretching for spiritual and cultural reasons. Young men of the tribe had their lips and ears pierced when still young, and over several years stretch them sufficiently to hold disks several inches across. The amount of stretching that was attained could equal 300% size increase or more from the original size of the tissue. (see picture on right) The penile enlarger system or penis extender method applies the same principle as the above. Known fact tissue grow under constant pressure

Permanent penile enhancement

The penile extender is the worlds leading penis enlargement device. Developed in Europe by Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., a certified specialist in general and plastic surgery, penis enlargement will increase the length and girth of your penile using the exact same physical principles that are used in the examples above.

Use Penis enlargement extender for just 3–5 hours each day and you’ll see results after 4 to 8 months. The device is low profile enough to fit inconspicuously beneath loose clothing. You can break up the time intervals morning and evening. The point to remember is that the longer you use it the better the results.

Penile enhancement, uses the principles of cell mitosis, which is the process by which cells divide to create larger amounts of tissue. Stretching puts a gentle tension on, pulling the cells apart. This intracellular tension causes the body to grow new cells to relieve the tension. Your penis enlargement extender actually generates and grows new tissue!

Overall, with the Penis Enlargement System you can expect:

  • A longer, thicker, larger penile even when relaxed and not sexually excited
  • Bigger, harder erections whenever you want them
  • A boost in sexual performance, stamina, and desire
  • More powerful, intense orgasms
  • Greater volume of ejaculate and improved quality of sperm
  • Improved control and delay of ejaculations, quicker recovery time after sex
  • Permanent growth, safely and without painful surgery.
  • Much better control, knowledge and mastery of your sex life

If youre looking for a proven and reliable penis extender system, with the added benefits of firmer erections, improved staying power and performance, heightened orgasm intensity, and increased sperm volume and ejaculatory power, then users of the penis enlargement system will probably experience these results within a few weeks. The system is a completely safe and natural for enhancing length and girth.

Here is a timetable for what you will achieve with the Penis Enlargement .

Week One Through Week Four

During this period, you will adjust to the traction of the device and establish your best schedule for using it. You will experience some increases in length. The most noticeable change will be enhancements in sexual performance and semen volume increase, giving you longer lasting erections and more intense orgasms.

Week Four Through Week Twelve

The lengthening of your penile will be noticeable and measurable. During this period you may have to expand the Penis Enhancement device to accommodate your new length. Even when you’re not excited and don’t have an erection, your penile will rest and hang longer and thicker than ever before. Supplements and additional exercises will continue to bring you more vigor and more excitement in bed, better performance and pleasure.

Week Thirteen And Beyond

Your erection will look and feel firmer and more steel-hard than you ever thought possible. Additional gains in length and width can be observed. The sexual benefits of the supplements are now at their peak as long as you continue them. Your partner will notice and enjoy the difference as you are able to perform and reach further than ever before.

This groundbreaking device gives you absolute control of both the time and amount of tension put on your penis extender while in pursuit of optimum penis enlargement. Enlarge your penile without invasive and potentially damaging surgery, or even so much as a doctors appointment with this amazing new device.

The best thing about the penis enlarger is that although doctors worldwide have prescribed it, NO PRESCRIPTION is needed to buy one!

Do yourself a favor. If you are seriously interested in penis enlargement, research the penis extender , and you’ll see what it is that makes it better than any other penis enlargement on the market. For further information with references to Penis Extender please check out this site.


The average result of Penis Extender treatment was an increase in erect length of 2.8 cm (1.1 inch) after 1100 hours at 1200 g traction force. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1.9 cm or 0.75 inch.

  • Preliminary study
  • Patients achieved penile lengthening after traction with Penis Extender
  • Average lengthening per week was 1.9 mm
  • No complications
  • While the above are known facts, one must bear in mind the following:

After the age of 35 the human body tends to degenerate. This will lead to a slower development of any of the above method. Patience is required to achieve results. There are a number of natural herbs and minerals that when taken intermittently and used together with the penis extender will assist the results in men from the above category. There is no one pill taken alone that will increase the size of your penis. Pills can only help you maintain or prolong a stronger erection, they do not increase the size. The body builder does not just rely on his protein formula to gain size he must work out to achieve results.

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