Telling your Partner about Your PE Program

Deciding to have a penis enlargement can be a difficult decision for many men, while others may not think twice about the procedure. However, sharing your decision with your spouse or girlfriend may be a bit more daunting. You may worry she will not understand your decision, or may even reject you for it. For many men, the possibility of embarrassment or rejection prevents them from telling their significant other anything at all.

However, an important decision such as penis enlargement that should not be carried alone, if you have a loving and caring partner. This is especially true if you are in a long term, committed relationship, such as marriage or an engagement. How would you feel if your wife or fiancé kept a secret from you? It is only fair to take a leap of faith and tell your lover of your decision. If your significant other cannot handle the decision, perhaps she is not the person for you, after all.

Which would you prefer:

Sneaking an extra twenty minutes in the bathroom so you can complete your penis enlargement exercises, and hiding your pills and traction devices, so your partner won’t discover them?


Being open and honest with your partner about your penis enlargement, relying on the trust and understanding that is the cornerstone of any good relationship.

There is always the risk that your partner may be too embarrassed to openly discuss a penis enlargement, or that she may not understand why you feel the need to have one. In order to facilitate a smooth discussion with your partner about your penis enlargement, think about what you want to say beforehand. Here are some tips to help you tell your partner about your decision for penis enlargement.

Make sure you sound convinced about penis enlargement, and let your partner know that you have thought about all your options, and you feel that penis enlargement is the right choice for you.

Point out that cosmetic surgery is increasingly common in society. Why is it okay for a woman to have fake breasts, lips, and noses, while men are discouraged from enlarging their own penises?

Tell your partner you are not going to force her to make any choice she is not comfortable with, and that you have no desire to put either of you in any uncomfortable situations. Hopefully this will ease her fears and reduce any tension between the two of you.

If your partner truly loves you, and cares about your physical and emotional well-being, then she will mostly likely give the go-ahead for penis enlargement. You may even find she can help you decide which approach would work best for you. It never hurts to have a second opinion!

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