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CitySpire is a city data aggregation service that seeks to be a one stop shop for any city data a user might be interested in seeing. It was built for Lambda School and our team consisted of 2 web, 2 iOS engineers and 2 data scientists. Working on a team with a diverse set of skills and responsibilities really helped to build teamwork and coordination.

To prepare for this project we used Trello extensively. As a team, we thought about different user stories that would be applicable to CitySpire. For example:

“As a potential user I would like to be…

According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, the stock market is “efficient” and all relevant information is already incorporated into a stock’s price. This leads to the random walk hypothesis in which it is impossible to know whether a stock’s price will go up or down. One of the most prominent supporters of the random walk hypothesis is Burton Malkiel.

Zach Hamilton

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