ICO Rating API for Noteworthy Initial Coin Offerings finds a release date

Zloadr, a leading ICO listing platform, launches its own cryptocurrency ICO Rating API. The ICO API provides access for cryptocurrency developers and investors to replicate and incorporate all functions of the Zloadr ICO listing platform, into their own applications, dashboards, and platforms; giving them access to a vast array of aggregated market data collected from ICO’s planning token sales around the world.

This data can be streamed directly into a user’s own purpose-built ICO management project, providing data analytics across the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Users of the API will be able to retrieve historical prices and sale information, value complete cryptocurrency asset portfolios and assess the future viability of noteworthy Initial Coin Offerings.

With so many ICO and token launches now taking place, the new ICO Cryptocurrency API is an excellent vehicle for in-depth analysis and information processing, forming a valuable addition to a diverse range of ICO and cryptocurrency products.

Founder Sam Enrico Williams says: ‘The Cryptocurrency ICO API is intended for crypto professionals, developers and investors, who can use the API to access both current data on the myriad ICO and pre-ICO launches and results of previously conducted offerings.”

He further goes on to say: “The API’s comprehensive array of available data can be used to run simulations using, for example, checking a potential ICOs vulnerability based on results of similar token sales in the same industry and sector. Just one API call can supply a precise valuation of an ICO asset so that investment application models can be built and backtested for proactive portfolio risk management.”

Zloadr is a British-based ICO and due diligence rating platform widely supported by experts and investors. It features extensive ICO, pre-ICO, Due Diligence and AirDrop listings as well as ICO launches, AirDrop Distributions, Bounty Offerings, and new Tokens. The Cryptocurrency API will greatly enhance the functionality of the existing platform by including a range of innovative API solutions, such as current and historical cryptocurrency market data tools, as well as ranking, regulatory and due diligence tools and interactive charts. The Cryptocurrency Due Diligence API solution, for example, provides Due Diligence scores, data sets and background information for thousands of listed ICOs and Cryptocurrencies, allowing users to make informed decisions quickly. The Cryptocurrency Charts API solution enables the graphic visualization of dynamically generated data sets to be embedded and streamed directly into active projects, so users can get a complete picture at a glance.

The new Cryptocurrency API offers a range of service plans, starting with a free package for beginners and tiered options for personal, standard and professional use, ranging in price from $79 to $699 per month. Zloadr is happy also to negotiate customized enterprise plans, which can include enterprise assistance, dedicated infrastructure, CSV exports, and other custom features. The simple to use API dashboard means that every developer and professional, from the beginner to the expert product team, can derive substantial benefits from the data solutions on offer.

All that’s required to take advantage of the new Cryptocurrency API is to sign up for an API key with an email address and an ETH cryptocurrency wallet, so that payments and transfers can be made in Zloadr’s own digital currency, ZDR.