Zilin Ma
Zilin Ma
Jan 22 · 2 min read
  1. People who are in need of a lubricant product may want to see this ad.
  1. A stand alone graph that clearly shows what are the effects of the product.
  2. Eye catchers/ emphasis are good, but this piece of ad should avoid using multiple of them. It makes the main information spreaded through out the page and lead to no emphasis at all.
  3. Less unnecessary decorations such as ribbons in the middle, the female body inside the “0”, or the black background under “STD”.
  4. An arrangement that “breathes”, which gives more white space and areas rather than stuffing information in one single page.
Zilin Ma

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Zilin Ma

I’m an incoming PhD student at Harvard University in Human-computer Interaction. I went to undergrad at Bucknell University majored in CS and Physics.

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