I’m curious, reading this now, whether your exploration did end?
Soren Frederiksen

Soren Frederiksen: first of all, sorry for not replying until now. I did actually start a small project building a Facebook Messenger bot, and decided to go with Crystal for my experiment. The first thing I discovered I was going to need was an interface for handling incoming webhooks from the Messenger platform. So I decided to start building a Crystal API for dealing with this and set up a Github repo for the purpose: https://github.com/zmalltalker/crystal-messenger-bot

This project mainly deals with parsing/emitting JSON, so that was where I spent most of my time. I started out using Crystal’s built-in JSON mapping, only to discover that this ended in building entire object structures as Crystal classes/structs. At that point I resorted to parsing the JSON by hand, which caused a quite unexpected issue reported in my Github repository. Which had me look into regular JSON parsing, which worked really well.

While building this library I also struggled with what I thought was a bug in Crystal, so I submitted an issue to the crystal repo at Github. One of the Crystal committers was really quick to respond, and I learned quite a bit about Crystal from the response I got.

Right now I haven’t really played more with Crystal the last month or so, but I still don’t feel like I’m done with Crystal just yet.

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