How to plant

This week in Garden Class I learned how to get your soil ready so that you can plant something. First, you have to get a pot or a planting tray then you have to take some soil that you have to buy, then you put water in it and see if you can make a Play-Doh like ball with it, if you can’t than you probably have to add more water to the soil.Once you’re done with that you can put the soil in your pot or soil tray.Then you tamp it down by gently patting the pot or tray on a hard surface. After that let it sit for a while so that it can all settle. If you know how, you can then start to put your seeds in then tray or pot. When you’re done with that all you have to do is water your plant and check on it every day. That’s how you should plant something the right way.

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