DTC 206 Digital Reflection

My poster represents the connection between Gaming, Disability, and Content Moderation.

The first half of the poster represents the audiences of these games, technologies, and social media. The second half represents the creation/creators of these created things.


The first part of the poster has 2 things that are about disabilities. The bottom half is of a wheelchaired bound person entering the bus through its ramp. The other one on the upper left is the w3.org website, that website is where the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) is. It displays one of the guidelines within the website with the underlined URL. The second part of the poster shows someone typing on a keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t have any English characters but rather brail. This shows how technology for the disabled needs other disabled people to be able to produce these technologies. Within the Youtube video


The first part of the poster has a girl playing video games and a controller to the side. Unlike the stereotype of gamers being male, I decided to put a female there. The second part of the poster shows a girl working on the computer making a video game. This represents how the workforce of the videogame industry needs diversity in gender for their audience to also be diverse. In the past video games had a problem with objectifying women, like the video and article by Anita Sarkeesian said. This is because the audience and the workforce were dominated by males.

Social Media

The first part of the poster has someone on their phone and to the left is the UI for Instagram and a thumb about to push it. The second part of the poster has someone watching a screen meant to represent a content moderator. This is supposed to represent how content moderation needs diversity to be able to work. Like in the Youtube video Field of Vision — The Moderators, a problem with content moderation is that the people's own beliefs or culture can be a problem.

Work Cited

“Field of Vision — The Moderators” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9m0axUDpro

Not Your Exotic Fantasy” https://feministfrequency.com/blog/author/femfreq

“Making the Web Accessible” https://www.w3.org/WAI/design-develop/



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