14 Reasons You Ordered Delivery in 2016

Favor explored what it means to deliver in 2016. What we found might surprise you. Spoiler Alert: There’s a penguin inside.

Repost. Original article can be seen on the Favor blog here. The Creative team did a great job pulling the 2016 recap together!

Whether it’s fifty thousand diapers or one last minute penguin suit, Favor delivers what the world needs now. And in 2016, the world needed us a lot. Our runners traveled the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back thirteen times! So, hop on and let us take you on an insightful journey through the world of Favor in 2016.

Favor Food Trends of 2016

Favor delivers what the world eats now. And the world was mighty hungry this year. We wondered: what were the most popular meals of the year? When we dove into the data bites we found some surprising shifts in the Favor food leaderboard for 2016.

Top Foods by State

What was your state hungry for this year? Here’s a state by state look at some of the most favored foods of 2016.