When an entire company can agree and believe in their values it empowers everyone to make a massive impact on the business. Execs sitting around a table listing generic mottos and phrases results in a watered down message that likely is not what the company actually believes and is inspired by. Instead, values need to come directly from the employees.

This spring the “Culture Committee” was formed. The team included representation from across the organization. Their objective was to make self-explanatory, fun values that are true to us. Their role was no easy task.

Values Criteria:

Research Process:

The team started off by brainstorming the words and phrases that come to mind when they think about Favor. They covered whiteboards with sticky notes and grouped the concepts into themes. Next, they surveyed and interviewed people across the organization to understand what ideas, phrases, and words resonate with our company.

They boiled those into four succinct values that will apply for years to come.

Bringing the ideals to life:

If values become words on a wall and it stops there, we’ve failed.

The ‘Culture Committee’ team decided we needed to add an interactive element to bring the values to life. Over the next few weeks, every employee will receive a DIY paper 3d Bowtie. We all write our names on the bowtie as a symbol of “signing on” to these values. Completed bowties will be added to a “tank” ceremoniously as we celebrate Favor and who we are. Employees will receive laptop stickers and every new employee will get to know the values in their on-boarding process. Most importantly, everyone will hold each other accountable for using these values as a compass for decision making.

Big Thanks to the Culture Committee for all their hard work!

Michelle (Recruiting/HR), Sean (Regional Manager), DK (Toronto Ops), Julia (Sales), Cara (Office Manager), Barrett (Austin Ops), Avani (UX).

Kudos to Rob & Chris from design for the amazing job bringing the values to life with creative illustrations and hand-drawn typography.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up / Picasso

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up / Picasso