Prediction about urban package delivery

It’s going to change how apartment buildings are designed.

Within a few years, drones will be delivering packages. Logistically and physically, it’s complicated and inefficient to have them go from the sky to street level in cities.

Predication: new apartment buildings will be built with package delivery on the roof. They will either be dropped on the roof or dropped into a shoot that will send them to the lobby.

Secure package delivery will also be added to new urban homes (essentially just larger mailboxes). Multiple redelivery attempts when no one is home (each time stopping the truck, finding the package, walking to the door, waiting at the door, writing a slip, walking back to the truck, and putting the package back). Or leave the package and it gets stolen.

Or maybe each street corner will have an Amazon-type locker that can be unlocked with a cellphone.

Who knows exactly what will happen, but the system/design/infrastructure of urban package delivery is definitely going to look different within a few years.

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