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Should i feel ashamed?

hi iam a 47 year old man went threw hard times inthe past 2 years such as divorce and while that went on lost my job of 28 years lost my home and the kicker had to file bankruptcy. now i live with my father and got new job iwould like to start dating again but do you think woman would understand my situation. I am trying to saveto get out on my own but it hard to do when there no job security. what you think

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Bankruptcy or make payments which is better?

I rented a car for my father he gave the keys to someone else they wrecked it the total repairs for the enterprise vehicle is 5000 and some dollars which would be better to do declare chapter 7 wipe it to away or pay 25 dollars a week A 100 a month so my credit wont be ruined for the next 5 years what if i want a new car or house what will yall do

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Bad credit question. car loan and car sales people please answer?

okay. here is the deal. i, like many others, got crushed when the US housing bubble burst a few years ago. i filed chapter 7 bankruptcy 4 years ago. since then i have restarted my life with a new job and pay my bills and make more than i did before. but my credit is still screwed for another 6 years or so. that is the background. now here is the question. can i get a car loan with this scenario: i want to get a mini cooper S…

Is personal bankruptcy really such a bad thing?

Is taking bankruptcy as bad as it is made out to be? There’s a person in my town who declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy 2 years ago. Recently, he purchased one of the biggest homes in town — at an auction no less. He also has gotten two new cars and a boat. I was always told that bankruptcy was the scarlet letter” — -something that all the experts and everything you read that you were never supposed to do unless as a last resort. …

Are your wages checked during bankruptcy/debt relief order period?

During the year you are an un-discharged bankrupt or have a debt relief order for personal debts, does the official receiver routinely check your wages to see if you have done any overtime?

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What happens if you miss payments on a payday loan? ?
Due to the fact that you got laid off right after you took out the loan. Will they give you time to save up the…

Can i get a fha loan even though my non-borrowing spouse files for bankruptcy in california?

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Can I transfer my Best Buy credit card balance?
I just opened a Discover card They offer 0% interested for 13 months on balance transfers I have a credit card with Best Buy, and have a balance of $900 I, of course, made one payment a day late so my interest went from 0% to 18% (shame on me) So…

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and new bike loan?

I used to get my credit report and paid $30 for it. It shows all of my history so I am pretty sure it is correct. I also went to my bank a year ago when I got my credit card and asked them to read my score off the computer screen. and it was a 680 ish way back then. I have 3 credit cards with auto pay all these years and 2 cards are just 500–600 bux. The other was the shell federal credit card. I pulled out a 500…

If I obtain a lawyer on contingency, I win, but never see the money how does the lawyer get paid?

I’m in talks with a lawyer to hire him on contingency. If I win, then he gets paid. If I don’t win, he doesn’t get paid. What happens if I win but the other party doesn’t pay up, like files bankruptcy or something to that effect? The lawyer will still want to get paid correct? Does he then come after me?

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If i file bankruptcy over a loan i can’t pay. will the loan amount become taxable income?

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“”Mortgage question. Can i get a mortgage on 35k a year. If so, how much?””
I am 24 years old, I am a college graduate with a secure job earning 35k a year. I have no monthly debt bills (My company car pays for car, car insurance, health insurance, dental, phone bill). My only bills are my electric, water, wife’s phone…

Have your parents ever been in a deep hole of debt?

Today my dad gave me a little speech about how tight our budget is and that him and his wife are struggling just to pay for our house. He gave this speech to me when I was in guitar center asking for a gibson sg gothic morte. And for some crazy reason, he bought it for me, and I felt, I don’t know, this guilty feeling like I should’ve never asked for it in the first place. I got a feeling now that its gonna take some sacrifices to…


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