June 2015

Citymapper is what happens when you actually understand user experience.

Scenario 1: I need to get somewhere as fast as possible.

History of the Menubar App

Dashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards. Bowery makes it easy to get started.

0. Download Bowery.

1. Create a new directory to contain all the files.

$ mkdir dashing-example && cd dashing-example

2. Pull down our example application.

$ bowery pull 962-west-37th-street

3. Connect to Bowery.

$ bowery connect
Hey there, Zach. Connecting you to Bowery now...
Services are availble in the forms:
Uploading file changes to web, check "bowery logs" for details.
Service web is available at:

The art and science of creating chance.

You might think enterprise startups are only founded by older engineers. Think again.

“The enterprise applications game is for the 30-and-over crowd and is completely irrelevant to people under this age.”

The evolution of UI/UX in enterprise companies, illustrated with GIFs.

Digging into the archives to see what geeks really did back in the day.

Grand CenTral Station, New York City

e.g. why are there 20 lessons and not 19?

1. Reciprocity has a strong effect on us.

Zach Hamed

Product manager & designer at @GoldmanSachs. Previously @Harvard CS & @ThielFellowship. NYC, ENTJ.

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