My experience in the digital space in Africa

My passion for travelling and eager to see a developed digital space in Africa sparked my interest in taking part in the Hult Prize Competition last year whereby my team took 1st place in Mauritius. Teams were required to design prototypes that would harness energy to change a million lives by 2025.

As an engineering student at the ALC I had learnt about multiple ways of saving energy, but I did more research and execution about how one could convert the vibrational energy by the animals as they walk to electrical energy which could be used by the communities around these national parks. This conversion would require a piezo which would store the vibrational energy and with the help of a digital program it converts to electrical energy.

I believe in the next 5 years, when given enough resources my solution would save our continent in the following ways.

  1. Animal conservation is promoted as they become a major source of electricity
  2. Information Hubs and education is stirred in the communal areas around national parks
  3. Sustainability of electricity supplies, as this is an ongoing supply of energy.

Africa will be at a different landscape when we tap into the digital world.