Keep track of Bitmex PNL with

Bitwise is a little web app that I’ve been developing to chart daily profit & loss for Bitmex crypto traders. I’m happy to announce that the website is now live at!

Bitwise is Bitmex’s missing PNL charting view

The 1.0 release displays your PNL and wallet balance for the past seven days, including unrealized gain and loss. All PNL numbers are denominated in XBT. Each color in the “PNL breakdown” section represents a specific contract type: orange for Bitcoin (e.g. XBTUSD, XBTH19 etc.), light blue for ETH, light green for BCH, and so on. To get a more detailed view of gain and loss per contract, move your mouse cursor over those color-coded bars.

All you need to use Bitwise is a read-only API key which can be created at (in case you don’t have a Bitmex account yet, you may register one for free and receive a 10% fee discount for six months).

You may grant Bitwise the minimum level of permissions (i.e. no privileges to place orders or withdraw funds) while creating an API key. The CIDR field should also be left blank as the following screenshot shows.

Create an API key to use

Bitwise’s server depends on the bitmexgo library, which I recently open-sourced, to fetch account history from Bitmex. Bitwise’s JavaScript frontend uses Mithril.js, a lightweight framework that meets all my needs for a single page application.

Shoot me an email at if you have any bug reports or feature requests.