The Very Serious Problem With Hillary — all of you fuckers!
Jesse Cuthbert

“Bernie is in the one percent. He’s rich as fuck but no one cares about that, because the GOP haven’t been tearing him down for 25 years.”

I know its pointless to point this out to true believers, but stuff like this destroys your credibility.

This doesn’t even begin to address the issue of how Hillary (and Bill) acquired such a gigantic net worth after leaving the White House “dead broke” in 2000.

More than a hundred million dollars is a lot of money for 14 years of pretty speeches from a past president and his wife. Were words really all the sponsors of those speeches thought they were getting in return?

I know that I’m saying nothing new here, and you and your ilk are probably as immune to simple facts as windmills were to Don Quixote’s lance, but sometimes one just has to tilt anyway.