If I get to the project that ThunderPuff encourages, you will see that besides danger we also…

Hmmm, sounds …unpleasant. I’ll suspend judgement until I read the whole story. In our brief foray into schooling, we focussed more on teaching “a healthy disrespect for authority”; which seemed like a good idea at the time until you discover the authority they’re healthily disrespecting is your own!

I jest; independence is a wonderful thing and I like to think we also taught them an intelligent disrespect for authority*, i.e only disrespecting the parts that were arrogant, arbitrary, unjustified and basically not worthy of respect.

*Just a few weeks ago my daughter sent me an image of a huge, “Question Everything” graffito scrawled on a wall with a small tag added later reading “Why?”. I’d say: mission accomplished.

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