You’re Bound To Get Ripped Off…Eventually
S Lynn Knight

I understand (at least conceptually — it hasn’t happened to me) the pain of being plagiarized, and also the worry that I might subconsciously latch on to someone else’s idea or expression and then accidentally plagiarize it, but this:

“For this reason, I personally do not do an excessive amount of reading on Medium because I’ve made a conscious decision to conserve and protect the content and amount of influence my reading has on my original thoughts and intentions, especially when it comes to publishing original work.”

seems to me a bridge too far. I write in large part because I like to read, and I do both because I like to communicate and share ideas. I read to encounter new ideas and forms of expression, and challenge my old ones. If sometimes the boundaries of sharing get overstepped, that’s unfortunate and to be avoided as much as possible, but probably inevitable and certainly no reason to stop or minimize sharing.

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