The only 2.5 things I want in a partner
Kris Gage

I’m curious…are those three characteristics (or really the first 2 since the third is kind of a mutual thing) what you feel a partner would be looking for in you? If not, I wonder if there is some trifecta of traits of your own that you feel might match up with the 2.5 or 3 things a potential partner (following your advice) is looking for?

If I had to narrow it down to three (I’m not sure this is possible), my personal trifecta (arrived at partly in hindsight) would be

  1. Able to stand on their own two feet (both emotionally and in terms of day to day functioning).
  2. Human enough to want to stand together with someone else.
  3. Wise enough to know nothing and nobody is ever perfect.

After that, pretty much everything (kids, jobs, hobbies, which side of the bed to sleep on) is negotiable. And I’m self aware (or egotistical) enough to think that’s pretty much what I offer(ed) in return. There are infinitely many paths through life, and there is joy and heartbreak along each and every one. Its a great blessing (but not a necessity, see #1) to have someone to walk beside.

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