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Mandarin is the first cryptocurrency exchange with shared management. It is divided into 1 000 000 token-slices. 100% of the profit is distributed among all token holders, anyone who wants can get his own slice.

A brief description:
Exchanger, if we think about the exchanger, of course it is one place to exchange the cryptocoin we have to another coin for our personal needs, but of course exchanger is not our own, but it is a service provided by a group of people or companies to It helps our ease to exchange our coin coin into another coin form.

But Mandarin has an idea, with 1000,000 pieces of mandarin tokens, 100% profit generated from mandarin exchanger services will be distributed equally to each token holder, at least token holders with more than 10 Tokens using voting and smart contracting systems.

How can we conquer the market?
In the first 3 months of trade commission-0%,
The next three months is 0.05%, after that 0.1%. There will also be a rewards program that is loyal to the trader of the small and medium business side.

Distribution Management
Almost all will use the Voting system: Insert new cryptocoin into exchange, Expansion from functional, Modify existing instalation, way to deposit and all this will be done by the token holder.

Backup System

Our priority is the safety of trade data, in connection with this Mandarin’s team developed its own backup system. Hourly copying of all trading operations will ensure a sufficient level of security. Backup storage facilities are installed in 5 locations on the globe, which provides data protection for state interference services.

Mandarin Security

The basis of our platform is the safety of the users. Traders’ accounts are protected with the application of 2-factor authentication of the last generation. Confirm withdrawing your funds using fingerprint or generating one-time passwords.


50% will be stored in the Cold Wallet to give leverage to traders
25% for marketing and business expenses
20% for development, server payment, license, etc.
5% salary for developers and team members
70% will be sold during ICO
20% will be locked in exchange fund
5% for initial investors
5% for prize campaigns

More detailed information:


My bitcointalk:;u=855298

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