Midterm for You

Throughout class this semester we have been developing meaningful ways that an artist not only builds long-lasting relationships with fans, but also finding more ways to show their fans how much they care for them. In addition, finding ways to combat the average listeners shortened attention span is another big factor artists have to navigate through. With that said, for this midterm project, I will dedicate this blog post about my upcoming artist and how they are handling the aforementioned factors we have discussed throughout class this semester thus far. Without further ado, the featured artist I chose for this midterm project is the band Chon.

The band Chon is a southern California (San Diego) instrumental jazz rock band that has perfectly perfected the chill beach vibes of SoCal, or at least fellow fans and me like to think so. The group started back in 2008 but really got things going once they picked up a record deal with Sumerian Records not long ago. After there latest album, Homey hit shelves and electronic devices alike, things have only gotten better for the boys. Not only have they landed some big tours with east coast giants Circa Survive and Animals as Leaders but also SoCal legend Thrice and many others. You could say the band has really started to pick up some momentum, even getting enough cred to secure a headlining tour and selling the entire tour out as well in only a short time-span of getting signed!

Now, when it comes to the fan base and how they are cutting through the average listeners attention span and making them stay, I suppose it’s not to much of a mystery. The boys not only are active on top Social Media networks but engage with their fans in very unique and original ways. For example, all the boys are very big Video Gamers and particularly enjoy the Nintendo game Super Smash Bros. When it came time for their first headlining tour, the boys brought the game along with them and played matches with their fans before and afters shows. Also, many fans showed their love for the band by recreating their favorite characters from the game; in turn, Chon put all the creations they received from fans on their band’s (and personal) Instagram account.

After going through all the bands social networks and online presence, it clearly shows that they put in serious time to keep not only their personal web page updated but all their other social media networks as well. The band even gives back to other artists by supporting upcoming albums and singles by making posts on their band twitter and Facebook pages too. If there was any kind of critique that I’d downright have to give to the band it would be to only increase the amount of on-the-tour video blogs. Even then, they still manage to do loads of behind the scenes video blogs and keep up email newsletters; overall, I think the boys are truly doing everything they can to make long lasting relationships with their fans.

Chon have been hard at work creating amazing music, while still keeping strong personal connections with the people that matter the most: the fans. I strongly believe that as long as the band keeps up everything they are doing they will be selling out Shea Stadium in no time at all. Of course there's plenty more behind the scenes stuff about the band we could look at in more detail, like the band’s management and so on, but that's for another blog. Overall, I believe in what Chon is doing, which is spreading good vibes with their music while having fun doing it! It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the boys, on that note, check em’ out if you haven't yet and let me know what you think!


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