Perspective Taking, Our Lifes’ Greatest Challenge and Reward

The title is intentional, it isn’t a typo. And here is why.

You cannot argue someone else’s perspective. There is no room for argument. One person cannot be within another. Our experience from before the time we were born, has been exposed to different influences. This is a beautiful and scary thing. How humbling it is to acknowledge your uniqueness in the world. Absolutely isolating. So the challenge, is finding the ways in which we can best understand one another. We will never truly know another’s perspective, but we can spend the rest of our lives trying. That is love, that is the power that makes the world a better place. Listen with as open a heart as you can muster, allow the words to wash over you before you judge them and lay them like a lace sheet over your own pre-existing notion of what is. Trust your mind to recognize the good without treating their story like a math problem. There is no one answer, and together the layers upon layers of lace and ones own experience create a unique and beautiful story. That story, is you.



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