VidCon Debrief

“He apologized to her”

That just speaking VOLUMES right there. Not only did Anita NOT apologise to you for her behaviour, you were actually bullied into giving this professional bully an apology. I’m not sure why i’m surprised by this, but seriously, that’s just insane.

Did you even speak to Sargon to get his side of the story? No. Probably not. Anita would not approve of this.

“ if people attend VidCon to collect footage to later use in videos that criticize not just ideas, but focus the outrage of their followers on individuals, they will not be welcome back.”

We all see where this is going. Any criticism of certain people’s abhorrent behaviour from these videos will be considered “harassment” by the likes of Anita (who i’m sure you’ll be consulting about this). Hopefully you either change your tune otherwise i hope there is no 2018 VidCon. You get what you deserve.

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