Buyer’s Guide For Backpack

Gone are the days when backpacks were meant for school boys or for the guys who liked to spend several months hiking the mountain. Now, it has become a practical item for every grown up man-from work to play. In this blog post, has compiled the factors that you need to consider before buying the same and the kind of backpacks that are available in the market.

Factors to consider before buying backpacks for men:

Capacity of Backpack-The size of backpack that you carry depends upon the length of the trip and how much weight you wish to carry.

Features of the bag-the features of the pack are important. Check the frame type.

External Frame

Internal Frame

Frameless Backpacks

Purpose of the backpack- Think about, what’s the purpose of carrying a backpack? Will you stay there for some time or will you be moving from one place to another? How much stuff you need to bring yourself? There are different kinds of traveling backpacks available in the market. Before you buy a backpack it is important to go physically to the store and check how it feels.

Cost of a backpack-another factor to consider is cost and quality. Some backpacks cost little, while other cost much. It totally depends upon the traveler’s needs.

Weight of the backpack-Not only the stuff that you pack in your bag counts, but also consider about the weight of the backpack too. Some bags are made from canvas, while others are made from low weight fabrics. Select a backpack that is not too heavy, but is durable enough.

Types of Back pack

Messenger Back pack- Want some inspiration to visit the gym? Well, various messenger backpacks are available in the market that has embedded motivational messages written inside the bag to get you inspired before the session. These no nonsense bag is made from high quality materials along with water-repellant properties, which in turn provides rugged durability.

Hiking Backpack-as the name suggests, these backpacks are meant for traveling. These kinds of packs are meant to carry weight for hiking purpose and are often loaded with wide range of items.

Travel Backpack-these backpacks are meant for traveling to long distances, but it can carry excess amount of baggage as compared to hiking backpacks. Moreover, travel backpacks are durable, and sometimes come with a zipper opening, so that it can be opened like a suitcase.

Duffel Bags for men-Earlier the men didn’t care about the bag that he carried. In fact displaying handbag was a serious threat to masculinity. But times have changed. The 21st century man likes to have an ample space for his shirts, trousers, toiletry items and facials-and no one bat an eyelid. In present times, a wide range of duffel bags are available. Starting from practical duffel bag to weekend bag to largest size handbag to budget handbag, there is vast pool of choices.

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