Why should men buy espadrilles

Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, espadrilles have totally taken over. These shoes are available in a slew of options, colors and patterns. You just need to rock it in the right way. Starting from Ranveer Singh to Akshay Kumar, espadrilles have become a stylish celeb option. Not only celebs, we all are completely obsessed by the espadrilles, isn’t? That’s why we have rounded up some great options for you in espadrilles. Starting from nautical stripes to classic colors; you can’t go wrong with them. Read on how to master this shoe trend effortlessly and why you should consider buying them?

On a Beach

Espadrilles for men are ideal for beaches or a lunch date with your girlfriend because it is versatile and can be paired with denim shorts, jeans and a casual t-shirt. You can take inspiration from look books that are available on various fashion websites like Zobello. Buy Espadrilles online in India and have fun shopping at home!

For Travelling:

Espadrilles shoes in India come with slip on and off style. Hence they are great for traveling, especially when you have to travel for longer durations.

This shoe is ideal to wear during summer season. Flat espadrilles are more comfortable than sneakers and they are light in weight as well. Apart from that, they are stylish, practical and comfortable. It has become a new trend for obvious reasons.

However, when you decide to add them in your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with this trend. So shop from reputed stores from where you can get your own scoop at various price range.

How to wear them?

Men espadrilles in India can be teamed with jeans, shorts and chino pants. You can look versatile with these comfortable shoes. Go simple with denims or opt for bold prints.

Why should you buy it?

These shoes look cool with every outfit and this is what makes them so special. If you try to pair any shirt or denim from your wardrobe with espadrilles, you will not be disappointed. Espadrilles seamlessly integrate with your existing wardrobe thus giving it a new makeover. You can buy them from a retail store or through online medium.

Final Words

Definitely there is an espadrille to suit everyone’s taste. Just slip on with your pair. Go daring and try peppy colors. Mix and match them accordingly. Remain stylish and invest in quality shoes.