Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

Last week we have a lot of fun after the session. we plan for a tour. Form planning to end of the tour i enjoy a lot and also learn a lot of things that how we plan such type of activity both for learning and enjoying purpose. As Sir Adnan gave as a place for which we collect information about that place,about history of that place and during visit we share it with other fellows. overall it was an amazing and interesting activity we learn in both cases while searching i learn some new thing about that place but but listening others information i also learn a lot.

The lesson that i learn form the session is teamwork, management and leadership. Sir Adnan did a great job he contact with each and every person and try to resolve everyone issue so that everyone is able to attend the session. So in future if i have to plan for such activity i apply the rules that Sir Adnan applied in this tour also he provide a list of things that are necessary for the tour that helps a lot.

It was such a great experience both informative and interesting. I remember all the things that i learn in this session.

I am not able to visit all the places that other fellows visit but i saw all the pictures and read that blogs of others fellows who were able to visit all the places.

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