Sharing the 6 tips with a working professional

I am currently join a school in my village as a science teacher. This is the same school where I get my early education so my coordinator there is actually my Teacher. So I share these tips with my Teacher and my coordinator Miss Humaira. She has 10 year of experience of teaching. In break timing I request her that I want her precious time she agreed and I share these 6 tips one by one as a question like What she think that what are the effects if someone talk badly about any organization or about boss. She answer the question with her stories related to her experience there. I also apply tip 4 that I need her help that I really want to learn from her experience and also discuss some issues that I face in the school and ask her for her suggestions.

She give me suggestions about my problem and say that the teacher who came to me and ask for help stands out from those you did wrong and I go to her and point out her mistake. Your relation with your boss and team members have a lot of impact on your success.

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