Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate

As I am a teacher so I must say that we learn more and more when we share our knowledge our ideas with others.

I select my best friend Mamoona Rafique for this activity. As she is a fresh graduate from LCWU so I call her as she lives in Narowal. She is looking for a job now a days after being failed from NTS teaching test. And she is also confused whether she go for her Mphil or first do job. So first I tell her about Amal and the purpose of Amal academy then I start sharing these tips one by one with her also share the idea of JUST START because she just thought that what she do in her future what is the best choice for her.

After hearing the tips she replies I got the idea and the tip that solve her problem of doing Mphil or not is the unique decision for each person. She had a lot of interest in atomic energy commission so she decided to go with her passion and own her decision. She strongly agrees with these tips. But she tell me that this is very difficult to make decision and own your decisions because in your decision is always based on your parents suggestions and ideas so I tell her that first you must go with your passion and make decision for your future according your passion but in any other case whatever the decision you made just go for it take the responsibility of failure so that you learn a lot and find a lot a ways to success.