The Free To Be project by Plan International Australia launched last month in collaboration with CrowdSpot and XYX Lab at Monash University in five cities (Sydney, Kampala, Madrid, Lima and Delhi) across the globe. There has been a huge response with the Sydney map gaining over one thousand spots dropped in its first week.

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Free To Be Sydney is open until May 28th, 2018.

This is a significant data set that is well on the way to breaking a CrowdSpot project record for the most number of spots dropped.

So, what is it about Free To Be Sydney that is so powerful?

Free to Be is a digital crowdmapping project that allows women to map their experiences, both good and bad, in the city. It gives women a space to tell their stories of street harassment, to share where they feel safe, or to put forward ideas for change. I was involved in launching the Melbourne pilot project Melbourne in October 2016, which was a huge success, generating over 1300 spots dropped in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. …


Zoë Condliffe

Founder & CEO of She's A Crowd, artist and entrepreneur. I'm passionate about collective storytelling, gender advocacy & tech solutions to social problems.

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