A new year with new objectives

This year is almost to end and we enter 2018. Maybe this year was a successful one and if it’s not, let us turn this year to be one. A new year with new expectations, new hope and surprises in life to come.
As a child, we never knew much about what a new year was except that it was a holiday. To speak the truth, every day turns out to be a new year. The same person enters the so-known real world where he has to keep up the pace with this fast-changing environment. We suddenly realize that it’s not only
making ourselves happy but also have to make people both in our personal and professional life to be happy.

When you are in a profession, you have to make sure your customers are happy (in case of celebrities, it’s about fans). And the list does not stop with that. You need to care about your team, employees, boss and if you have external people like mentors or suppliers for you, you have to spend time with them too. After all, it’s into not your world but it’s ours, where they give space to us. There is also a chance we might lose keeping up those. And with this comes our resolutions to succeed. These might be related to
health, family or people. When we are into a profession with serious responsibilities, we have to make sure we achieve such resolutions and at least have such resolutions in place to aim.

Businesses also have resolutions and objectives. They are not decided only on December 31st but they have to be put up and achieved for sustainable improvement in business. Since it’s a year of 365 days, it would be great to know the plus and minus of our business this year and move ahead accordingly. We at Zodhya are also doing the same.

The resolutions might be to bring new innovations in our business or cost reductions in our processes, doing things which give the competitive edge. When we were planning on to reduce non-value added costs (the costs which do not contribute to the making of our product or providing service), we realized that the solutions Zodhya provides are also a way to reduce non-value added expenses to industries and commercial spaces. The energy bills for an industry is about 29% of operating costs and 19% for a commercial space like an office. If it impacts your finances in such a way, reducing that could also benefit you in an enormous way.

What we wish is for a healthy competition and hope your businesses and family prosper for a long time to come. Wish you do have some resolutions. If not, at least revising what you have done in this year might help you to be better in 2018 to come. For us at Zodhya, it was roller-coaster where we saw the peaks and bottom at the same time. But I could say one thing for sure. We had a lot of learning and we keep forward for more learning. Success is not a destination but it’s a journey.

Please do let us know your experiences and resolutions in the comments below. If you are looking to make your processes innovative or reduce your costs for your business, we provide a unique proposition at Zodhya.

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