Chapter 1: Finding the right cause

It was the summer of 2014. For the first time we got introduced to the Chennai heat. Completing an year of engineering doesn’t guarantee you the necessary skills. So, I’ve decided to work on some projects with my friends. We opted to work on different projects so at the end we could learn different skills from each other. In this whole process we got to know each other more and developed a bonding with each other. We used to stay late nights, working on the projects, getting food from Ramu Tea Stall. It was all nice and fun.

For the projects Sharath and I were working on, it required higher guidance and research which wasn’t within reach in those days at CFI (the house where we carry technical projects at IIT Madras). We had to stop the projects abruptly but the enthu never died.

Later when we started working on different projects, it wasn’t really feeding our techie appetite. Sharath and I had a long discussion. We started questioning each other deeply such as “Why did we start doing this project?”, “What if we could do something useful for mankind?”. At the end of the conversation, we realized that the project we were working on requires a change in purpose. On deep introspection, we realized that food, energy and environment are the basic needs of a human right now and we would work on those issues by improving the technology. As India lacks an in-house technology, we felt providing solutions based on technology would not only accelerate our client processes but also contribute to our nation’s pride.

Also, it’s not about what we make but also on how we communicate. That’s when Adityanath stepped in.

The story of every startup might differ. But having a deep root cause which could benefit few people, would guide the start-up for a long time to come.

We would be writing more of our story in upcoming articles. It’s a pleasure to share such information with you because we believe sharing and understanding such topics will make this world a much better place. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share this article to whom you feel would be useful.

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