Art Purchases/Curations: Batch 1

Zodiac Friends
2 min readJan 10, 2022


The complete list of Batch 1 Artworks + Artists that were nominated, voted & curated by our Zodiac Friends community (click on πŸ”— for the OS listing).

As you may have seen from our legendary Great Race event in 2021, we launched a virtual gallery to display our art curations that we’ve just updated it with all our latest purchases, come have a lookie! 🎨

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πŸ”— Reborn Xyborg 58 by MaffinClan

πŸ”— NU_PUNK_0002 by Tvzsu

πŸ”— [PEEYAI] Spiritualism . by wwoont.

πŸ”— Surrounded Solitude #1 by Indro


πŸ”— Obscura by Cloudy Night + Sunjae Lee

πŸ”— Another Farm by inta_NFT

πŸ”— The Master and the Cormorants 2 by winmagphoto

πŸ”— Black mamba by taanntawan

πŸ”— Tsukuyomi The deity of Moon by Plutoshodae

πŸ”— Izanami The deity of death by Plutoshodae

πŸ”— SAMURAI by jeez_US99

πŸ”— #037 Shi Shi Punk by theskulstudio1

πŸ”— BULLDOSE by dlp_freehand

πŸ”— Grand master Ryu Fujin by DBingasun

πŸ”— Ninja Kanumaki by DBingasun

πŸ”— Khan-Hop Lofi by beinggu

πŸ”— crypto lab #2 by Lukkata_NFT

πŸ”— Gunman show by Ketan Chandekar

πŸ”— Reflection #2 by MaitriArts

πŸ”— β€œSmoking Poor Queen” by AtthaNew

πŸ”— ETH And Doodle by BillieBell


πŸ”— #008 Seoul by Alex Qian

πŸ”— Cream of the crop #4 by Zhu

πŸ”— Tanpopo twin and flowers by Tanpopo

πŸ”— #54 B’COS by AOMGA

πŸ”— #55 J’NUS by AOMGA

πŸ”— memories#02 by Kei_Go

πŸ”— Dreamy Visuals 08 by visualsofazmat2

πŸ”— Peace #080 by Quill-Drop


πŸ”— crypto kiwi #20 by coffeemamez

πŸ”— 024 Money Monkey by BYME


πŸ”— SEA by pranaynigotiya

πŸ”— 250 by Asong

πŸ”— Lost in India β€” In the Garden by Amo Kannika

πŸ”— Night Festival by Notienatsu

πŸ”— Chubby #0005 by Tonton Friends

πŸ”— GM by 02



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