Being lazy is fun

I believed the majority of people that read this blog is a lazy person.

The reason why say I this because laziness is part of our culture. We can’t just throw away the culture that we have improved since born. This is my second blog and behind the reason why I started writing again because I am lazy.

Have you ever thought that a writer is a lazy person? In my opinion, yes they are! sitting for an hour and hours just to get ideas on what would be the right topic. But Ive never said being lazy is a negative habit. Dozens of people are just hiding in their houses and got tons of money. Don’t you think because they are smart? no they are not!. It is because they know what they should do on their spare times.

Being lazy is not all about playing games, using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. But you can use those times on reading more books, watching news or writing like what we all do now. If you change your perception on being lazy is all about negatives, trust me you can improve your performance on everything, learning a new thing and strive for the greatness.

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