🎉ZODI 3rd Partnership Announcement🎉

2 min readSep 17, 2021

Partnerhsip Announcement: HG Ventures

Zodium has officailly formed a strategic partnership with HG Ventures, a VC company that has attracted tremendous amount of attention for its rapid growth in blockchain business portfolios lately.

About HG Ventures

Over the years of blockchain business experiences, HG Ventures discovers projects that break the gap between the world and blockchain technology and ensures stable project growth of its partners. With its profound capability of ensuring the success of blockchain projects, HGV has been gaining public’s attention lately.

HG ventures was founded in 2021, and the company has been expanding its investment portfolio beyond de-fi and NFT. Furthermore, the group has been working as an advisor and partner of global projects and provide world-class research and business development.

HG Ventures has joined Zodium, a Play to Earn project based on animated 3D character NFT created by a former co-founder of LINE FRIENDs, as a strategic investor to grow the project on a global level in both NFT and P2E sector. Two companies will co-work in business development, marketing, and vitalizing community.

CEO of HG Ventures, Mr. Jeong quoted “indiscriminate projects are pouring into the market and makes it difficult to distinguish good one. However, Zodium is a representative NFT based p2e game project among the emerging ones. HG Venture’s wide range of business consulting experiences will help Zodium lead to the right direction for the market trend and help draw collaboration with globally renowned projects.”




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