That time I had to have technological advancements mansplained to me.

Him: Saying that second amendment is less valid because the technological advancements weren’t yet available is kinda pointless because well we are on Facebook having a discussion about it over the internet which wasn’t around when the 1st amendment was written

Me: But technological advancements aside from the gun don’t really have any weight on my post. The founding fathers had no idea that within a few hundred years guns would be so powerful and dangerous, a musket could kill maybe one guy before it would have to be reloaded.

H: The founding fathers also didn’t know how powerful and advanced communication could become, much like the way they didn’t know about weaponry

M: But, as I said, the ONLY technological advancements that apply to the second amendment, are those involving guns. It doesn’t matter that the Founding Fathers couldn’t catch up on Facebook, that’s a whole different right in its entirety.

H: Technological advancements mean anything from weapons to medicine

M: Yes, there are hundreds of different categories of technological advancements, too many to talk about, thankfully, I’m only talking about one category — guns.

H: And because you’re talking about how the second amendment means less because I technological advancements I can say that is a rather stupid position to stand on because well technology as evolved across all field s

M: This post is about sensible gun control, and that’s what I’m here to talk about. You appear to be unable to support your stance on gun control.