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MLB commissioner says minority hiring must improve at entry level

Major League Baseball is currently facing an issue in minority representation. Commissioner Rob Manfred believes the problem can be fixed by starting at the basic level of entry-level jobs. Currently, there is only one minority club leader — Fredi Gonzolaz, the hispanic leader of the Atlanta Braves.

Mets throw smoke, but Royals can beat the heat

The New York Mets have an almost-unbeatable starting throwing line-up. However, their opponents, the Royals, have an impeccable hitting average. Both teams are going head-to-head in the playoffs for the World Series.

FA charges Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho with misconduct in West Ham outburst

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is being charged with misconduct due to his actions towards game officials. Mourinho was kicked into the stands during half-time. West Ham and Chelsea have both been charged with failing to control their players during the 44th minute of the game.

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