At CMIT Solutions, we like to say that email is the lifeblood of business. What other communication tool is as vital? How else do you rely on staying in touch?

Ask anyone who uses email, though, and they’ll tell you that bad things happen — especially at crunch time. An important message disappears. An attachment ceases to exist. An auditor comes calling for a past communication. An email server crashes, rendering your employees unable to work. That makes email archiving, access, and recovery critical for business success.

Our email solution solves these problems, preserving all inbound and outbound emails, providing instant search and discovery tools, satisfying industry regulations, and ensuring secure, encrypted access via webmail in case of outages or failures.

Don’t rely on luck to keep your email up and running. Call an expert and treat the lifeblood of your business with the care it deserves.

Keep every email, forever.

Ensure the protection, preservation, and continuous operation of your business email, while providing on-demand email access for users. If your internal network or email server goes down, users can still access secure RADAR servers over the Web. Bottom line: you can still get to your email without any downtime, mail queuing, or “bounce-back” messages.

If you need absolute assurance that you’ll be able to find old emails when you need them, you need CMIT RADAR.

More emails don’t have to mean more problems.

Regulations around records retention change over time, but they’re all moving in one direction: more records for longer. So what’s a small business owner to do? Tape backups are an option, but they’re unreliable, difficult to search, and no help at all if they’re stored onsite and lost in a catastrophic event. High-end enterprise storage can cost a fortune, and gives you more bells and whistles than your small business really needs.

CMIT RADAR stores all your emails digitally, offsite in a secure Class A datacenter. You have full, searchable access to your archive whenever you want, at a price you can afford.

You don’t need anything extra.

RADAR is a cloud-based service that filters email and attachments for spam and viruses, indexes the cleaned emails, and then saves them in an encrypted archive. You don’t need extra hardware, client-side software, or IT support. With RADAR, you can treat email kind of like electricity: it’s just there. But RADAR goes one step better, because if your local power goes out, you can still reach for email from another location.


All incoming, outgoing, and internal email goes through the RADAR gateway. Email and attachments are filtered for spam and viruses. “Clean” email is indexed and then encrypted in the active archive for secure, long-term retention. Users can instantly identify email and attachments on RADAR’s Web interface and then download them directly to their local inbox.

Permanent storage.

Email storage volumes can really add up over time. With RADAR, that doesn’t matter: you’ve got permanent storage for every email you send or receive, for as long as you want to keep it.

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