Feminism and what it really is about.

This quote is so important. Because people are forgetting what feminism really is. The internet has both improved our situation and also worsened it. People,no let be more clear, MEN think that feminists are extremists who just like making a lot of noise. Feminism is about equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. Not asserting that one is better than the other.

You cannot say that you don’t support feminism because men get raped too. I get it, men are harassed, men are hurt and men are raped. BUT SO ARE WOMEN AND PEOPLE CHOSE TO IGNORE THAT AND HAVE BEEN IGNORING IT FOR CENTURIES. To all the men who have been through those horrible situations; I’m not implying that you haven’t suffered as much as a woman would have, you are incredibly strong and no less brave than any other rape victim. My point is that suppressing the rights of women just because men suffer too is RIDONCULOUS.

But this post is not about that. The post is relatable because the world totally accepts feminism coming from people of a fairer skin race. Being an Indian feminist, I am very often not taken seriously. People laugh at my beliefs and tell me I shouldn’t over-react. Isn’t this wrong? Isn’t feminism all about EQUALITY?? Sometimes, I really don’t get people.

I do hope all of you who proudly call themselves anti-feminists, can please explain it to your sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers, WHY you think women don’t deserve to be treated on an equal par with men.


Zoe Summers

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