What Is Raynor Massage?

At Dave Taylor training school in Putney, London, our short and rigorous massage courses are designed to offer high-quality training for Raynor Massage.

We always aspire to provide comprehensive training to all our students, and that is why we provide Certificate and Diploma Courses in our school in Putney, London. Also, we offer Advanced Diploma massage courses.

Our intensive and hands-on courses often take one to two weeks. Currently, we are providing all of our Raynor massage courses in Putney, London since Dave Taylor has been based there since 2014. Classes take place from Monday to Friday.

Additionally, if there’s any group of students who require private training over the duration of weekends, then we are ready to arrange classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Otherwise, we highly recommend you attend our normal classes on Monday to Friday where you’ll get an opportunity to interact with several other students and also learn directly from Dave Taylor, an Advanced Raynor Massage Therapist. Remember, new courses are often held after three months.

What Makes Our Raynor Massage Training In Putney, London Different?

Our Raynor massage courses in Putney, London are created in a way that will make you an excellent massage therapist in a very short period.

Our massage courses are also hands-on, and we always work with you to help you develop your skills, sense of touch and more importantly to trust your intuition.

Since students are arranged to study in small groups, we can work with you to boost your strengths and also focus on any weaknesses or some areas where you lack strong confidence.

Instead of spending many hours trying to understand Latin names and studying for your examinations, we will teach you how to detect blocked energy and any muscle tension in its numerous layers, forms, and channels in the body of a client.

In fact, you will be taught how to trace various problems to their origin than simply treating where your client is experiencing pain or tension.

Besides, on our short and intensive massage courses, we always train our students to work with an entire body with the aim of helping a client to maintain a state of wellness.

Surprisingly, a person may be experiencing neck pain or headaches, but the actual issue may be arising from tightness in the hands that travels up the arms and into the head and the neck resulting in the tension being felt as headaches.

Based on our experience, we believe that the physical and emotional body are interconnected intricately such that emotional tension will be evident as physical tension causing tightening or drawing in of body muscles. In fact, for several persons, this is something which may have formed and been embedded for several years.

Since we work holistically on an entire body of an individual, our massage technique is a perfect remedy to treat depression, anxiety, deeper emotional stress, disturbances and can also assist to heal various injuries, back pain, pinched nerves, repetitive strain problems, muscular spasms, sciatica, aches, stiffness, pain, arthritis, migraines, scoliosis, and some other types of immobility headaches.

We’ll teach you how to identify the source of the tension and how to eliminate it. So, it’s this sensitive sense of touch as well as an all-inclusive understanding of how a body functions at both an energetic and physical level that’ll offer you the skills to break up and remove this muscular tension form its source.

Raynor massage draws vast knowledge from several centuries worth of massage customs as well as understand from all over the world.

Today, Raynor massage is popular for its deep-seated abdominal methods and its holistic nature. It utilizes methods like reflexology of the feet and hands and working lines of tension to get muscular tension and stress to release. Moreover, this form of massage is well-known for its synthesis of maximizing body-mind-emotions connections.

You will learn the various techniques which will help you to eliminate the deep-seated emotions which can be stored in the bodies for a very long time. Actually, this can be an extremely powerful life-transforming for different people, and it’s our greatest hope that you’ll not only learn to do Raynor massage but also you’ll experience your own de-stressing and healing process. Therefore, you can discover the significance of having a body which is free of emotional stagnation and tension.

Dave Taylor will teach how to get to the real source of this muscle tension and release it. This sensitive sense of touch, vast knowledge of how our bodies function in a holistic way, and also the knowledge of a range of methods from the most popular massage styles in the world, will offer you the capacity to break up and eliminate this muscle tension from its source.

Any form of massage which really frees the subtle energies of the body and release the tension on the deep-seated level does wonders with physical and emotional ailments since most emotional issues have physical interaction.

Our Graduate’s Testimonials

Below are some of the comments from only a few of our graduates. If you wish to contact a qualified Raynor Massage practitioner to ask about our courses or to sample a Raynor Massage, please contact us at 020 8286 9763 and we will put you in touch with Dave Taylor, our Raynor Massage teacher.

“Best teacher, Best environment, Best time, Best Class!!! I strongly recommend this course to everyone out there. The significant skills which I’ve learned in two weeks is quite incredible. I wonder why some study for years! Thank you so so much. Now I am very confident, and I fully understand what I am supposed to do when offering Raynor massage.”

Charles, London

“I have learned a lot in five days than I did in a ten-week course I formerly pursued. Also, I am very confident that I can do the best massage on any client.”

Amanda, Manchester

“Excellent, continuous and consistent programme. Very encouraging, relaxed and pleasant environment.”

Dr. Owen, Surrey

“I am amazed. I’ve had a life-transforming experience. I learned the technique and true value of massage. I’ll always be grateful for the support of our teacher, Dave Taylor.

Lee, Liverpool

“An incredible life-changing experience. It was astonishing to experience seeing the emotions coming out and chi moving through people’s body.

Thomas, Putney, London

“I trained with Dave Taylor over a magnificent few days in Putney, London. He taught with passion, clarity, humour, and warmth. I completed my course with a lot of confidence which within a couple of days I created a Facebook page and had several bookings from clients. From then, I had the best experience of my life, serving clients. I am fully enjoying my career as a Raynor Massage Practitioner. Also, the positive feedback from my customers has been remarkable. Thank you very much Dave!”

Kate, Westminster

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