The Day I Started

No one knows you…until they know you. I was inquiring a gentleman on a plane about “HOW” do you do it? How do you get known? I fly a lot, and engage a lot of my plane mates — I mean, they can’t go anywhere for 3 hours, I might as well absorb all of their resources. You can learn a lot. We happened to both admire and mentor a few of the same people that YOU KNOW from the internet. Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk. We talked the entire trip, and the ultimate thing I heard was, “no one knows you…until they know you!”

Many have ideas and visions — well, what do you do with them? Keep dreaming? Hoping that they will…what? Just happen? Please listen to me.

If not now, WHEN?

Success Is In Your Potential. It Looks So Good!

Several years ago, I was hit by a Mack Truck. I woke up in an ambulance on the way to a hospital in California, the EMTs were sternly instructing me to breathe into my mask (to not hyperventilate). I had just had a Grand-Mal Seizure (or the medically proper name: Tonic-Clonic episode/seizure). Fighting their actions to help stabilize my situation, I was literally trying to choke him, I was overwhelmed, confused and apparently quite fiesty (hence the whole combative part). He was asking me when was my birthday…WTF?! I can’t recall my own name right now, let alone my BD. WHAT?? Oh. And I couldn’t drive for two years. Take those punches and tell me how they feel.

I share the above because: Life is short. Regret is nagging. Time is the one thing we can’t earn back. We don’t have control on anything but our own actions, and some of the most important actions that we take are the ones when we feel like we’re spinning out of control…oh, and second most important actions…are the ones we take when we hit it big and things feel “easy”; keep your foot on the pedal, doing the actions that got you ‘big’.

Today is the day that I started sharing on a bigger scale my mission, my heart and my businesses, which helped me not be a victim to my situation. Stand up, stand out and make sure that you hear me. My mission: have each of you reading this story, share it. I encourage each of you to FEAR LESS in your pursuit to earn more money, have a better life! SHARE THIS to inspire someone and then, just maybe, you’ll KNOW WHO I AM!

Just Put On A Red Pair and GO!

Who Am I? A gal that had it all, lost it all and stood right back up to prove myself right. Come along and take a chance on yourself to find your greatest potential is real! Find me on all feeds:

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