Zoë Keating
Jul 31 · 13 min read
  1. My letter strategy doesn’t always work. Sometimes the letters go unanswered. Sometimes the letter is answered and the party admits to the infringement but says “We already spent our budget, sorry”. Then, what? Yes, the law is on my side but what is my recourse? Am I willing and able to engage a litigator and find the money and time to launch a full copyright infringement suit?
  2. My attorney can cost more money than some of the license fees I end up getting. I only ask him to engage with the larger companies who have a run of shows or used enough music to justify his cost, because going after every production would cost me a substantial amount of money.
  3. I’m a full time artist and solo parent. I don’t spent my days looking for infringements. I used to peruse through the Youtube ContentID claims at most a few times a year to get a rough sense of what’s there. Even then, it wasn’t really possible because their system finds an additional two or three thousand videos a year. But I stopped doing it a long time ago because I’m too busy and when I do find something it makes me too sad. If something pops up via a fan report or a Google alert, I will forward it to my attorney and call it a day. I probably learn about a fraction of the actual funded productions that use my music.
  • P.S. Dear Alamo Draft house, it’s been a while so maybe you have a new video by now but I think you had my song “We Insist” in one of those pre-movie Ssshh! videos for at least six years. No permission, no credit, no payment. A lifetime movie pass would cover it, thanks!

Zoë Keating

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When all the doors are closed sometimes you're better off making your own building. More at music.zoekeating.com

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