33 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Life

Zoe Chance
Aug 13, 2018 · 5 min read

If you agree that your time really IS your life, then a virtual assistant can be a lifesaver. I’ve been working with a rockstar VA, Fiona Z, and when I tell friends about her, their first question is, “So what does she do for you, exactly?” Here are some of the ways she has saved me oodles of time and mental bandwidth so I can do more, better, less-distracted work, and have more, better, less-distracted time with my loved ones.

That’s my list; yours will be tailored to you. An experienced and talented VA should be able to do anything a smart, entrepreneurial person can do — often better and faster than you can. Especially if they’re native to the country where you work and thus know how things really get done. They should be easy to work with and communicate with, giving you peace of mind as well as freeing up your time. And they should be able to help you with personal as well as professional tasks.

How can you find a VA?

When I was desperate for help, I interviewed a few firms before realizing the most talented VAs are freelancing. So I posted a Facebook request for a referral to a trustworthy, rock star assistant — and got a personal referral to Fiona. OMG #goodlifechoices. She’s typically at capacity, but has a blog with some helpful information on topics like hiring and getting set up, etc. that you can find on her site (link).

Fiona’s advice about hiring a VA is to post on the Virtual Assistant Tribe job board on Facebook (link). She has had good experience with hiring her own help there and has referred a number of others who had good results as well.

Here’s to you finding the VA who can save your life too!

Zoe Chance

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