If You Send an Auto Message on Twitter — Please Stop

Back in the days of daily spam email, before spam filters got so much better at filtering out spam, I used to wonder who those idiots were that would click on a spam email and make it worthwhile for some other idiot somewhere in the world to waste so much time and energy producing spam mail.

The same can be said for auto messages on Twitter. Every time, and I mean every time I see one, I wonder who those idiots are in the world, who respond to them to make anyone think/believe it is worth the time and effort in having one.

It does not matter how “clever” you think your auto-message is. Be it “hey there let’s connect on LinkedIn [insert link to LinkedIn profile]” or “Hi, what’s your biggest challenge in [insert somewhat vague topic that relates to what you do]. Just NO!

Here are just some of the recent ones I received and my responses in the caption.

Nope didn’t see it because you auto-messaged me. Try having a conversation with me first and then introduce your free e-book to me.
My biggest challenge is trying to convince my clients that auto-messages like yours add absolutely no value to their brand and that the rules of engagement mean you need to engage your potential customers. Add value don’t add noise.
No thanks. You know what — I have a startup too, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to read a blog about my startup by spamming their twitter inbox, actually I wouldn’t expect anyone to read a blog about my startup. How about a blog piece that is relevant to me, my life, a change in the world that relates to your startup — hmmm maybe — don’t be so self-centred to think your blog and your startup are anything but important to you, unless you are willing to take the time to make it personal and relevant to every potential client.

You may think I am being harsh, but ask yourself this, when last did you get a Twitter auto-message that really made you react in a positive way? I am almost willing to bet never, but if you did get a good one, please share it below so that other people can learn what constitutes a good auto-message.