Extras in an Ordinary

Here it is silence, tonight as many nights before I am sending you silence. Million kilometers away I am sending you my thoughts. In such a silent silence that there is an Extra-eco in unsaid words, unpronounced ideas, moments. I came to this silence just today after a few minutes reviewing our classic communication. I refuse to compromise the structure of the foundations that we are building with ordinary daily words.

This is actually the first time ever that I got to the conscious knowledge of the risk when it comes to mortal tendency of filling with useless content sentences. Stuffing ideas and feelings with air, so fluffy, so soft, so aired. You know, when people meet and in the beginning it’s all Extra-adrenaline and Extra-unsaid words, Extra-karma, Extra-mind reading over space plus time, Extra-shivers and Extra-eye Extra-secret contact. Tough its forecast for this aura to vanish as people grow closer to each other. Well not necessarily closer, but more daily life ordinary subjects sharing partners. Replacing all beautiful silences and wait, eye to eye silent conversations to an Ordinary noise. Lets talk about the weather & the lunch menu topics, the pain in the toe, traffic & jam. Occasionally when deep trapped into crisis, Ordinary Partners meet and talk though issues with Extra-tension of Extra-desire, Extra-shivers in veins, even though all in vain. Soon, the’ll fall the same again.

I am grateful that this awareness just don-don on me in time to get hands-on preserving our thing, our Companions thing: the thing to say, the so very ours hours. The silences, the wait, for the next day to speak again. As if we were living as Extras in an Ordinary life. There is us and gap between things that happen in the interstitial before our bodies are back together. A magic is growing fed by the search of our own two dots far away in a digital map, not seeing each other, not speaking not “la la” with ordinary things.

I like not speaking to you, instead just thinking about you. The “All” that we did together summed in all “All” we had fun. Simply, thinking about you, this is fun too.

I am sending these in silence in a link only your senses can track. Please do not read out loud, do not even whisper it, keep the sound closed.

Us in so little time, so few places, we built so many memories. I intent to endure it, revive it, and then live even more. Lets not speak it Ordinary, let’s do it our way, with all our extras, Extra-Ordinary.

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