My Experience with Leverage Research

I was part of Leverage/Paradigm from 2017–2019. This is a description of my time there.

The Main Leverage Building

I. Context

Effects of Leverage on Me — What Are The Stakes Here?

Why I Haven’t Talked About It Until Now

Who am I?

Benefits of Leverage

Variations in Responses

II. Concretes

A Taste of How Out of Control This Got

Concrete Features of Leverage

“Debugging” Culture

Culture of Confession and Criticism

Insularity, Social Isolation, Elitism

Overwork and Busy-ness

III. Final Notes

How did genuinely smart, good-hearted, intelligent people get wrapped up in all of this?

Even if I’m unusually sensitive or misguided in some ways, this still doesn’t justify what they did.

Why is this so important to me?



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