Letters to Paul Ryan: Feb. 23

I am writing to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan once a week about various issues. This is my fifth letter.


Dear Speaker Ryan:

I am writing you because I am concerned about transgender rights in our country. Recently, the Trump administration withdrew the federal protections on transgender bathroom use in public schools.

This is a direct attack on the safety and life of young transgender people. As a high school student, I am uncomfortable knowing many transgender youth are not guaranteed a safe and respectable place to use the bathroom in their schools. School, particularly public school, should not be a place where kids feel unsafe. There is absolutely no risk to cisgendered people by trans people using the bathroom they identify with, however, there is great risk in forcing someone who, for example, may be female presenting and identifying to use the male bathroom in their school.

This is not an issue that can be left up to the states, states such as North Carolina have made that evident. In order for the United States citizens to be safe in their own country, the federal government must take action.

Republicans say they are the party of personal freedom. Young transgender people should be guaranteed the freedom of using the bathroom they identify as.

Thank you.


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