Our Society

In our society, the sight of two people expressing affection publicly is appreciated, because we want that positive energy to fill the all the hearts everywhere around the whole world.

In our society, it is all the more touching when those two people are men, because gay people have been subject to prejudice and hatred and oppression for way too long (even one second is way too long), and we believe in equality for all.

In our society, consenting adults can go ahead and not only kiss but also have sex if they want, and even get married eventually, regardless of gender, and, if you personally don’t believe in marriage for yourself, well, that’s okay too, because we believe in freedom and independence and self-determination and all those rights and privileges that people have given their lives over the centuries for.

And by the way, in our society, you don’t even have to be male or female, you can be in between, or both, or neither, or whatever, and you are good, just as long as you respect other people in the same manner as you ask them to respect you.

In our society, we make room for groups of gay people, and gay Muslims, and gay atheists, and socialists, trade unionists, Jews, investment bankers, Scientologists, artists, engineers, teachers, two-faced/multi-faced politicians, even people who make a living out of insulting other people, fucking whatever, we live and let live, and everyone has the right to speak up, quietly, vehemently, in moderation or not, anywhere in between, provided only that we honor the terms of free and open discussion and the social contract, because we know in our souls that the test of dialogue will distill convictions into consensus and, with time, principles of justice and plain old being human that can withstand anything.

But in our society, we also have a problem — a serious, fundamental, and very corrosive problem that goes to our very core.

In our society, there is too much violence (any violence at all is too much violence), and too many people possess weapons they should not have, and it is too dangerous to do things like head out dancing with your friends on a Saturday night, or swing by the supermarket for something on a whim, or go to school. And why did human beings ever even invent weapons at all. What the hell is wrong with us.

In our society, things that should be totally incomprehensible to civilization have become normal.

In our society, those things should absolutely not be normal, and we cannot accept them as such, and shame on us for getting where we are today.

In our society, we must admit that we have grown weary of mourning yet another tragedy that we are inured to because we can’t even remember the last one, there have just been so many of them and they are tearing us apart, we are living in like this giant war zone, anywhere could blow at any moment, without warning, it’s entirely unacceptable.

In our society, we are part of the problem and it’s time to say so. We must stand up and declare that we are sick and fucking tired of thoughts and prayers, because thoughts and prayers didn’t stop it from happening last time, or the time before, and they won’t stop it the next time, or the next.

In our society, we are all suffering from an unfillable hole, one hole for each victim, and the hole will always remain, because we are spinning around in the universe on this great big rock on which a vast and imaginably majestic Something beyond our comprehension exists by merit of an extremely thin thread — and our very existence is a grace, and each and every one of us is a miracle, a goddamn miracle that should be treasured every waking hour and also in our dreams, and yet we are aching terribly because losing one single instant of anyone’s life unnecessarily is another death to us all.

At least, I believe so.