51–236 Information Design Project 2 process and thoughts

Project 2 is about visual representation of text. I really appreciate the step-by -step process that starts with some basic and fundamental principles. If we were to start with applying all the variations (alignment, line breaks, color, weight) at one time, I will be really overwhelmed and won’t know what to do. The 10 exercise allow me to take some time and figure out what each method does and try to explore different ideas.

We started by getting us familiar with the text first.

I used different colors to group information into different categories and underline the overall theme of the text. I tried to break down the information and to see which lines should go together. I put the text into four groups — theme, first lecture, second, and the third. Each lecture group has four pieces of information — Speaker name, topic, date and time, and the host (I guess?)

The first 1–3 exercise can only use line breaks, weights, and alignments respectively. At first, I found it difficult to have variations within each exercise since there is only one rule that can be applied. But I was still able to make some changes by shifting the focus or placing emphasis on different information, which create different effects.

The horizontal has much space for shifting and playing with alignments. It can have more levels and “shape”.

The vertical one is narrower but it is better in terms of space because it doesn’t have too much white space as the horizontal one does.

The use of line breaks separates the texts and groups the information into different sets.

In class exercise 1

The first in class exercise was to find an ineffective design of poster and design a better solution. We found this poster at the library that teaches people how to nap. It has too much unnecessary information with no clear focus or hierarchy and it doesn’t use space wisely.

Group thoughts and plans

Our group made this poster as a solution of the original design. We trimmed the text to leave the most important information. And we chose to use a picture of sleeping baby to make it seem more appealing to people.

In class exercise 2

Exercise 3 is making a collage that fits into the design and color principle. I had triadic color and harmony/unity as my principles.

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